Hi there, folks!  Sorry it has been a little while since I posted last (in the future I’ll try to do more small mosts and fewer huge ones), but I’ve been really busy working on a number of different projects, both for classes and outside of them.

Here are some samples:

Progress with the Doll Makers piece is continuing to go well (sorry about the bad photot). I’m about 90 % finished with the small figures (still need to make hands and props), and I’ve started building the body for the male figure.  No photos of  the the big guy yet- right now he’s just wire mesh and fill, but with luck I’ll be able to fill him out with paper mache by sunday.

Andes and I finished the film project for core, and got good feedback on it; although film isn’t a medium with which I have a lot of experience, I really enjoyed editing the footage.  We’re planning to go back and reshoot some footage, film some new bits, and make a secound cut of the film to submit to Art Bash open call- I’ll keep you posted on the progress and eventually a link where you can see it.

As for core class in general, we’ve just started studying performance;  this is probably the medium I’ve been most nervous about working since classes started, mainly because when I here ‘performance art’ I tend to think of folks getting shot in the shoulder and spinning hula hoops made out of barbed wire.  To be honest, so far it has been much better than what I expected; the exercises we did were similar to ones I’ve done for theater classes, and the teacher leaves the assignments very open ended.  Our first assignment is due next week, and the only requirement is that it has to deal with the concept of evolution- I don’t want to say too much yet (in part because I haven’t exactly figured out how it will work yet), but my piece will involve a  magician’s assistant who is a hand puppet (dressed more or less like a Chip n’ Dales dancer), a ‘transformation machine’,’ and a pile of fake entrails- wish me luck! Better Yet, wish some luck to Gunther.

Fibers is going well- I’ve been working on a number of material samples, as well as comics, both for non-traditional samples and my first major project.  We just learned needle felting last class, and despite the numerous nicks I received, I really enjoy it- even though the materials are very different, the process is additive, so it feels a lot like sculpting in clay.  Here is a piece I made using the technique, with watercolor and tea used to help dye the wool:

As for the comics, I still have a huge amount of work to do on them right now, so unfortunately no full pages yet.   Here are some completely out of context panels, sketches, studies for them, as well as some other outside of class projects for you to look at though (as always, click to embiggen- and no, those animals aren’t Pokemon):

In other news relating to the magical world of sculpture, the school is having a student show focusing on works about tattooing and body art.  I submitted the mask from Fibers class shown above, as well as the piece below (some nudity, but pretty much SFW- click for large versions):

(yes, they are supposed to be Adam and Eve wearing body paint.  No, I don’t know why they are sitting in weird clouds either)

Until very recently, pretty much all of my sculpted figures were more or less ‘heads on sticks’; bodies made out of wire and foam are quick and pretty easy to put together, as well as very extremely posable, but not very realistic or strong.  I’ve very interested in the human figure, so I think I’m going to continue making these fully polymer clay and acrylic pieces as time goes on- my anatomy skills as well as ability to paint flesh and variations of skin tone convincingly aren’t so great right now, but hopefully with time and practice they’ll improve.

On a related rant, I’ve been thinking about doing a sculpted series of male figures (some not so idealized) as the Muses- we’ll see how that develops (my teacher and  friend from back home Jenn just sent an awesome box of fabric scraps, including bits which would be perfect for slightly see-through togas.  Hurray for nice folks and subverting their gifts to make not-so-proper figures! Woo!)

Alright, I think that’s enough for now- onto the really scary bit: essay writing.

Have a great rest of the week folks!

– J.D