Hey there again Folks! Mid-term is coming up, so I’ve been working towards a variety of projects, including my sculpture for Art Bash.  Here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to:

Isn’t he a just a darling when he sleeps?

As my sampler figures for Art Bash are pretty much complete, I’ve been working on building the big buy a lot the past two weeks. I finally finished building the core and applying paper mache to his body; still need to drape, cut, and sew on his fabric ‘skin, as well as add hair and acrylic for toning.  It’s been a huge amount of work, but with luck and a fair amount of caffeine I’ll be finished by Friday morning.

I’ve been working with the human figure more and more in my practice lately, so although I don’t really think of myself as a painter that much, I’ve been doing some color studies of various types of skin tones and the faces they’re attached to. Here’s a sample- all the profiles are based on digital images because tablet + public place = very bad things. Sidenote: posting these guys online made the far more weirdly saturated than intended.  Sorry about that):

I’ve been also working on my various projects a lot recently, and just finished all 11 pages of sketches for my idea journal. Each page focuses on a different potential project making use of a technique we learned in class, and since my theme is narrative (as well as the fact that, if you hadn’t guessed already, I’m kind of obsessed with drawing/ sculpting people), I created characters and scenes for potential sculptural illustrations for each.  You can ‘read’ them each below- I separated them out to make them easier to view- (again, click to embiggen!):

Things I’ve learned about the little monsters inside of my head that think of stuff for me to draw from working on these images:  I really like birds, plants, trees, ghosts, and demons, all men must be depicted shirtless and/or with some sort of facial hair- oh, and all adult women are apparently evil succubi who will either kill you or turn you into some,  awful giant-eyeballed, “what have you done to meeee?!” monster. Whoops.   The 11th grade version of myself that was obsessed with Jungian symbolism would of had a field day with these.

Speaking of weird femme fatal imagery, here’s a picture of Circe turning some guy into  pig that I drew at 2 am a few days ago for some reason. Weee! (note: do not worry male folk:  I am not here to turn you into spooky things or rip your faces off- just to share long rants about comics and make bad jokes while playing video games.  Same difference, I suppose)

don’t worry, kids- it’s just kool-aid!

Note: of course, half-way through working on these  my tablet died- thankfully my friend Cloud  was kind enough to loan me his to finish the illustrations;  I’ve since ordered a new one, but thanks to the magic of so-called ‘expedited’ shipping, it isn’t going to be here until the 24th at earliest.  Not like I needed it for any major projects or anything… *sigh*.  As a result/ inspiration via obstruction,  I’ve decided to to do three of the ‘scenes’ in my comic for fibers in watercolor and ink, as well as get back into using them as mediums in general.  I think it’ll help reinforce the idea of the multiple realities/ layers of fantasy in the story, a sentence which I realize makes no sense out of context right now. Here are some little test illustrations/ potential components for the cover art that I drew with ink and watercolor wash:fact: drawing animals is hard.

More comic samples and other things to come soon- before I go, even more blatant self promotion: I have a piece (the Adam and Eve one I posted last week) in the show on the 16th Floor of 162- come and check it out between 5 and 7 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays if you can! (I’ll be heading over tonight)  I’m also planning on submitting some work for the Contempoary Comics show coming up on the 23rd, which I’m super excited in general for.

Will keep you posted and talk to you soon,