Hey there once again, fellow comics warriors!

This past week I’ve mainly been focusing on scripting and thumb-nailing for the first project, so I haven’t got much to report outside of ‘things are coming’.   In addition to editing and reworking projects a lot, I also tend to collect references for the locations and costumes of said stories, hence the giant binder.  For locations I can’t use actual photographs for, I try to make my own layouts, especially if they are going to appear multiple times.  Here are a few:


Clockwise from the lower left: birds-eye and eye-level shot of Joseph's family's kitchen, Uncle Davie's entry way, Miss Rosenblum's studio apartment

birds-eye view of the Uncle Davie's Comics-by-Number main office, with notations for individual worker's desks and office spaces

a stairway and the area under it in Miss Rosenblum's elementary school