Hello once again friends!  This past week has been pretty low key so far, outside of some fun comics-related festivities last Friday.  I went along with a few friends to Brain Frame 14 , and got to see some awesome performances starring Anya Davidson,Ramah MalebrancheAnders NilsenKeiler RobertsScott Roberts, and Eric Rivera, with musical accompaniment by AJ Cesena.  The video documentation isn’t up yet, but when it becomes available- check it out.  Cool stuff.

After the performances I went out with my friend, fellow cartoonist, and talented illustrator Emma Rand and her cousin Alex (who was in town visiting) for a late breakfast-for-dinner at Clark’s.  The three of us ended up in a conversation about fashion and music, so I did a little sketch of Emma as a Witch house fan, to which she responded by doing a fantastic self portrait, as well as a drawing of me as a fashionable soft butch.  The artifacts:



Inspired by Emma’s drawing and Marian Churchland‘s illustrated wishlists, I started sketching out my own themed fashion wishlist.   Unfinished, but fun – in the future I’d like to go work from refrence photographs and make a nice little composition for fun.


The weekend itself was pretty mellow- spent most of the time working on the first big project for class while watching Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and West Side Story in the background.  Based on Beth’s lecture, I decided to devote a chunk of time starting this guy.


Hopefully he’ll be finished by the beginning of project 2, so I’ll be able to use him for reference shots directly.  Until then, I’m sticking with perspective grids and photo references from the 1950s for help.

In other news, here’s a little drawing I did of some of the supplies I use when working.  Again, I very rarely actually work at a desk when I make comics; usually I just prop my drawing board against my knees or a table.


This week’s extracurricular reading material is a visit back to this summer purchases, specifically from CAKE:  Julie Delporte‘s Journal, Study Group Magazine Number I, and “A Pocket Guide to Pleasure” by Kevin Huizenga.   Each has served a different purpose reading wise over the last few days- the first helped me get into an introspective sort of headspace that is useful for starting a project, the second has an in-depth interview with Craig Thompson on his process, and the last I’ve just been carrying around as a sort of good luck charm:

study groupscan1



Stay lucky, friends.