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Hey there once again fellow travelers!  This week has been very busy with preparing for the critique this Friday, so I’m going to be brief.  Spent the weekend working on the eight pager, as well as watching the Freaks and Geeks boxed set that my friend Julia loaned me.  Good times.


The dvds come along with a slew of commentaries and extras, including audition tapes.  Jason Siegel’s fashion sense in his is pretty great.  As in, pretty terrible.


Oh, Nick and your uncomfortably relatable clinginess,  sing talking, and poorly chosen romantic gestures.


Well, enough of that for now.

While the three projects I have planned for this class are all character studies, I’ve been thinking about larger story arcs in relation to these guys.


Writing always takes me a long time, but we’ll see how things fit together.  In the meantime, I’ll make what I’ve already sort of figured out and use TvTropes as a writing resource.


Subplots: because one series of unfortunate events isn’t enough.


Image by Brad Rohloff

In other news, I have work in an opening this Friday at saki!  The show goes from 7 to 10 pm, and includes sixteen new generation Chicago Cartoonists, as well as live music, food and drink!

Check it out!!!

Go out there and find your big, gigantic drum kit, friends.