jamieWelcome back, fellow adventurers, and congratulations on last Friday!

Last weekend’s show at Saki went very well, and the work is up through the rest of October.  Check it out if you didn’t get to go.

Still in the planning stage for my next comic- more coming soon.


In other news:

My friend and fellow comics engineer Charlotte  and I hung out this weekend, shooting reference for respective painting projects and playing Animal Crossing.

It was Awesome.

Also, she was kind enough to give me her old bamboo tablet, which means that I can color digitally again for the first time in about two years.  So excited.


(Please excuse me while I go through digital coloring second puberty).

And last, but certainty not least:

I’m headed out to Detroit next week to help my friend Emma Rand out at her performance at Detroit Brain Frame!  It’ll be my first time in Michigan, and my second time helping out at a Brain Frame event (the first time was as part of Anne Elizabeth Moore’s Ladydrawer’s class), so I’m very excited.

You can read the Beta version of Emma’s Comic, Choose, here.


 More on this report as it develops.

Stick to the wooded path, and don’t pick the flowers, caped buddies!