Hey folks!  Project two is officially printed, folded, and available in three photocopied flavors:

Photo on 11-7-13 at 9.53 PM copy

This past week and a half was filled with quite a bit of frustration, anxiety, and existential crisis, but somehow, comics were accomplished.  I’m waiting until I get some feedback from the class to post the finished story, especially since it is auto-bio based.

Until next time, here’s this week’s non-required reading list:

Multiple Warheads ‘Down Fall’ by Brandon Graham

Optic Nerve #4 by Adrian Tomine

Half Asleep Vol. 1 by Beth Hetland and Kyle O’Connell

Dirty Plotte #5 by Julie Doucet

Aggression Management Manga by Rinko Endo


Stitching Together Special Edition by Annie Mok

Stay cool, cucumbers!