Hey Folks!  Just a quick update on some upcoming projects and events I’m working on:


First off, my friend and cartoonist buddy Julia Von de Bur and I will be tabling together on March 15th at Chicago Zine Fest.

She’ll be selling her lovely book Life in Bodies of Water among other titles, and I’ll have comics as well as buttons for sale.


Also, we’re working on a collaborative poster for the show!  Here’s a super secret sneak peek:


 If you’re free this Saturday, come say hi, pick up a mini, and check us out!


Next Saturday, March 22nd, is Brain Frame 17, and I’ll be performing my comic Changeling with the help of Brain Frame Alumni Emma Rand and Carter Lodwick.  Join us for a story of adolescent love, anxiety, and spooky transformation!


There are performances at 7pm and 10pm, for ages 18+ and 21+ respectively.  You can reserve tickets online at Constellation, or read more about the show and other performers on Tumblr or Facebook.


 This week’s reading list included Anya Davidson’s School Spirits, as well as Michel Rabagliati’s Song of Roland.  


Anya was kind enough to come to our class (taught by  Aaron Renier ), and gave a great talk discussing her cartooning process, career, and influences.  Thanks, Anya!


Alright, I’m off to go draw more tiny things in tiny boxes.  Until then, stay sporty, teammates!