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8 pages, india ink on vellum

Fall 2013


Pencil on Bristol
Fall 2013

Mightier than the swordIn-class exercise, Summer 2013

Pencil and digital color


The Palms of her Hands

jdlee_PH_02 jdlee_PH_03 jdlee_PH_04 jdlee_PH_05 jdlee_PH_06 jdlee_PH_07 jdlee_PH_08 jdlee_PH_09 jdlee_PH_10 jdlee_PH_01.jpg jdlee_PH_12


The Palms of Her Hands, an Uncle Davie’s Comics-by-Number story

12 pages, 2-color

Summer 2013

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

3 Page comic from At Arms Length, a collaborative zine of stories about break-ups, lost love, and crushes.

Collected by Gabriela Cracraft, including illustrations and comics by Kelsey Choo (also the awesome cover designer!), Eva Bialecki, Julie Lee, Charlotte Cha, Lauren Ramsey, Nathalie Blair,  Michelle Laplante, Zandra Vlahakis, Gabriela, and yours truly.

Debuted at CAKE 2013


From Jeffery Brown’s Drawing Between the Lines Comics class

Colored pencil on newsprint

Fictional folktale comic, based on Russian folklore and traditional narrative tapestries.

Screen printing ink, fabric ink, and acrylic on muslin

Story by Jamie Davida Lee and Madeline McLeester

Text version by Madeline McLeester:

Images by Jamie Davida Lee

Layout by Jung N. Lee

Screen printing and painting by Laura Figa

Screen-printing ink, fabric dye, and pencil on muslin

click to view larger for reading

(begin reading at the center and spiral out)

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